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Come see Margaux in IAMA's 23-Hour Play Fest!

IAMA is thrilled to gear up for our annual 23-hour Play Festival. Every year IAMA puts together a one night event that showcases just how exciting live theater can be by developing and presenting a festival of 6 original short plays in under 23-hours.

How it all goes down: Each year we invite 24 actors, 6 writers, 6 directors to meet at the theatre from 8-10pm the night before, Saturday, March 18. There, Directors and Writers will be paired up and actors will be chosen at random. Each group/play will get an hour to meet before the writers go home and write through the night!

The writers send their script to the IAMA producers and their assigned directors by 7am the next morning, Sunday, March 19th. Directors assign roles and contact cast to bring wardrobe and props from their home. Everyone then meets at the theatre at 9am to begin rehearsing (writers can sleep!).

At 3pm, we begin to tech each piece for 30 minutes, giving everyone a chance in the space with lights/sound before the show. Rehearsal then continues up until the house opens at 6:30pm.

The Show will start at 7pm!

Tickets On Sale Now: @iamatheatre

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