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"The real standout is Margaux Susi as the karaoke queen and barmaid who in her small roles brings a dark, sarcastic energy to make sure the shows flow keeps moving."

Matt Farnham, The Reviews Hub

The Blind Date Project – Zoo Southside, Edinburgh

"...The performers are incredible (including the cheeky but endearing bartender, Margaux Susi)..."

Aida Rocci, Three Weeks Edinburgh

The Blind Date Project- 5 STARS

"Exactly on point...our favourite Karaoke Kween (Margaux Susi), is so natural that at times you forget that you’re watching what is supposed to be a performance."

Dominique-Eloise Alexander, A Younger Theater

Edinburgh Fringe Review: The Blind Date Project, ZOO Cabaret Bar- 4 STARS


"Worth seeing more than once."

Paul Hyland, Ed Fest Magazine

The Blind Date Project- 4 STARS

"...Susi, behind the bar, brings a welcome cynicism to the date; her deadpan, sardonic responses are very funny indeed...The Blind Date Project is a delicious slice of improv theatre, with a mischievous wit that makes it a delight....It's all so beautifully done...don't miss this one; it's a real treat."

Susan Singfield, Bouquets & Brickbats

The Blind Date Project- 5 STARS

“RECOMMENDED. STAGE RAW TOP 10. Erotic complications, surprising pairings, conversations with the dead...Director Eli Gonda is excellent with the actors, everyone is perfectly cast, and the ensemble is a delight.”

Gray Palmer, Stage Raw 

IAMA's 'Species Native to California'

“WOW! MAGICAL. MYSTICAL. Cherry Orchard fans will find particular pleasures in Fortenberry’s re-imagination of it in today’s Northern California, but there’s no need to be familiar with either Chekhov or his works to become involved with her cast of characters” 

Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

IAMA's 'Species Native to California'

“THRILLINGLY THEATRICAL. A strong cast, a tight script, and an absorbing performance”

Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

IAMA's 'Species Native to California'

"GRIPPING. The acting is strong. Especially memorable is Margaux Susi as Zo's older sister Mara.”

Marilyn Tower Oliver, Loz Feliz Ledger

IAMA's 'Species Native to California'

“INTRIGUING characters, very evenly talented actors, all perfect for their parts. Good story, good acting and directing, and a set that puts you right in the story.”  

Carol Edger-Germain, Colorado Boulevard

IAMA's 'Species Native to California'

“FUN AND HUMOROUS. Keeps the audience entertained and engaged.”

 Annette Semerdjian, Discover Hollywood

IAMA's 'Species Native to California'

“LOVELY. Astute direction…exceedingly well-acted…character depth and strong character touches…a glowing patina of humanity and professionalism”

Dale Reynolds, EDGE

IAMA's 'Species Native to California'


“COMEDIC AND WISE. A heady mix of characters, placed in a really fun rustic setting…Eli Gonda directs with a sly, deft touch that throws unconventional light on themes of culture, family, land, labor and loss.”

Eric Gordon, People’s World

IAMA's 'Species Native to California'


“COMEDIC YET POIGNANT. A thoughtful, heartfelt exploration of family, prosperity, community, and how easily all three can change on a dime.”

Erin Conley, On Stage and Screen

IAMA's 'Species Native to California'


"ENTERTAINING. The set was amazing, the acting excellent”

Ron Irwin, LA Post-Examiner and Santa Monica Observer

IAMA's 'Species Native to California'

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